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93-Year Old Man Saves Village From Demolition With His Colorful Artwork

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Five years ago, the residents of Nantun district of Taichung City received a demolition notice from the government and were ordered to relocate.  The government wanted to build something new. Each resident was to receive $61,000 for compensation.  Most of the residents took up the offer.  Only 11 houses remained.

Huang Yung-fu stayed. Yung-fu is a 93 year-old retired soldier and has lived in the village for almost 37 years.  He became bored and decided to practice painting.  His father taught him to paint when he was five years old.

He started to paint inside his home then the outer walls and then the eleven remaining houses.  He woke up at three in the morning and spent four hours painting the walls of the abandoned houses with his colorful artwork.

One day, a group of university students discovered his works.  They were so amazed at how Yung-fu managed to do such beautiful and colorful art at his advanced age.  The students launched a petition to save the village.  Finally, the government complied and preserved the area as a tourist attraction.

Huang's village now attracts more than one million visitors annually and he has been nicknamed the "Rainbow Grandpa" of Taiwan

Source:  Image & Video: YouTube/AFP News Agency