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A Creative Fan Cooks Yummy Deadpool Art Pancakes

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What better way to celebrate Pancake Day than pancake art of the most famous pancake aficionado himself - Deadpool?

Deadpool the movie recently opened in cinemas worldwide to rave reviews and a strong showing at the box office.  This eighth installment of the X-Men film series features this hilarious Marvel Comics character, who is known not only for breaking the fourth wall (he talks to his fans), but also of his fondness for cooking pancakes.

In the comics, Deadpool loves to make large numbers of pancakes when he is bored.  As a way of relaxing himself, he once made 372,844 stacks ofpancakes.

Pancake Day, also know as Shrove Tuesday, is celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday. This year it’s celebrated in the same week as the release date of Deadpool.

Master pancake artist Dancakes, who is also a creative fan of the comic character, pays homage to Deadpool by treating us to this yummy-looking Deadpool pancake art.

 video: Dancakes/YouTube 

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