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A Mini-Robot Rides A Bike Like A Boss

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Riding a bike is big part of Japanese life.  Now their robot counterparts can do it as well.

Masahiko Yamagushi created a robot that can ride a bike.  His little buddy pedals with its own feet and maintains balance by using the handle bar. The bike is fixed-gear so when the robot stops pedaling, the rear wheel also automatically stops as well.  When at rest, the robot has the ability to turn its head and wave before holding back the handle bar.

"I'm interested in artificial intelligence, and in that context, I think intelligence and skills have equal value. So my purpose in creating this robot was to pursue intelligence from the skills side. While I was thinking of suitable topics, my local science museum demonstrated a cycling robot. So I decided to consider cycling as the skill, and build a bicycle robot." Yamagushi told DIGINFOTV.

video: DigInfo TV/YouTube