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A Spectacular Super Slow-Mo Footage Of The Fastest Animal On Earth

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The cheetah is considered the fastest land animal on earth. Its slender and light physical figure is specially designed for quickness. This fast-moving animal can burst to tremendous speeds and accelerate rapidly because of its powerful and very strong legs. It can travel at an absurd speed of 50-70 mile per hour for short distances, more than enough to outrun its prey.

In 2012, the National Geographic and the Cincinnati Zoo conducted an experiment to record the speed of then 11-year old cheetah named Sarah. Sarah successfully set a new world speed record with a time of 5.95 seconds in 100 meters sprint, 4 seconds faster than the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt, who holds the world record of 9.58 seconds.

The team captured perfectly every movement of the speeding cheetah, who clocked a maximum speed of 61 mile per hour.
Watch the award winning video of Sarah in high super slow motion.

 video: National Geographic/YouTube 

source: WikipediaNational Geographic