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Adorable Dachshunds As Star Wars Characters

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In celebration of the newly released movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the celebrity dachshund Crusoe has come up with a new video along with his brother Oakley: they are the stars in their video which pays homage to the popular space adventure series.

Crusoe is wearing a Jedi robe with light saber while his brother Oakley has chosen the Dark Side by wearing a Darth Vader costume. Watch them parade around, looking ferocious and mighty regal in their Star Wars costumes.

Crusoe is an award-winning dog and a YouTube sensation. because of his many adventures. In other videos his acting chops have included being a pilot, a firefighter, a vampire dog, a banana delivery service, Mickey Mouse, a hunting dog, and an Easter bunny.


Source: YouTube/Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund