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Adorable Little Boy Cries Everytime A Story Ends

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The phrase this little boy hates the most in the English language is “the end”.

Little Emmet loves to listen to his mom and dad read him a book.  You can see the attentiveness, the sheer delight on his face as they turn the pages of a book and tell him a story.

Everything goes well until they inevitably reach the last page and utter those two evil words to Emmet.

That makes him so sad and he cries his heart out.  Open a book, read to him, and he looks so happy.  Reach the last page, say “the end” and he cries again. ..and again.

Watch this video uploaded on YouTube by his parents Dan and Alicia Stevers and discover why this video has already racked up millions of views a week after it was posted.

 photo/video source: leesedanielle/YouTube