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Adorable Three-Year-Old Girl Knows The Entire Periodic Table Of Elements

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Meet Brielle from Salinas, California.  Though she can't read yet, she probably knows more than you do about the periodic table of elements, presidents, countries, and capitals.

She demonstrated her knowledge of the chemical elements on The Ellen Show.

According to her Mom, Carrie, Brielle is a quick learner.  Despite her young age, she mastered the chemical elements in about six months.

This smart little girl not only memorized the element’s symbol but she can also recite its characteristics.  She knows that the potassium is found in bananas and the tantalum is an element abundant in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.

When asked who her favorite President is, she answers, “Barrack Obama because he was the president when I was born”.

Watch the video to find out how Brielle, in her own words, tell Ellen how she remembers all these facts.

video: TheEllenShow/YouTube