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African Bird Outsmarts Meerkats By Tweeting False Alarm

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The Drongo bird in the Kalahari Dessert in Africa is just like your trustworthy dog who always gives you a warning when intruders are trying to enter your property.

But the two animals differ in terms of loyalty.

The fork-tailed drongo is a great trickster and his favorite victims are the meerkats. He has the ability to mimic predators’s sounds, causing the preys to drop whatever delicious food they are feasting on and quickly run for their lives.

This short-legged bird is notorious for stealing food from meerkats or any other animals by making a false alarm call. But before that, he must win the confidence of his soon to be victims.

In the video below, the drongo makes an alarm call when he spots an eagle soaring above. The mob of meerkats immediately flee and hide in their small caves.

Now that he has gained their trust, the devious bird makes another warning call. Predictably, the meerkats believe him, but this time, it’s a false alarm. The drongo swoops in and grabs food leftover by a fleeing meerkat.

The drongo has another technique to steal food from the meerkats. Watch the video below and see how this smart bird perform another really cunning trick.

You won’t believe the drongo’s various talents in fooling the meerkats.

 video: BBC Earth/YouTube 

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