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Africa's Farmers Use Unique Solution To Protect Their Crops From Raiding Elephants

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Farmers in East Africa such as Kenya, Botswana, and Sri Lanka have been facing huge problems with elephants.  These gigantic animals often destroy crops, especially at night when they roam in herds.

Sadly, when people and elephants cross paths, things turn ugly.  Injuries and even deaths have occurred for both sides.  These horrible outcomes need to be solved naturally without hurting each other.

Zoologist Lucy King has a brilliant idea to stop the crop-raiding animals and protect the rural farmers: bee fencing.  With the help of locals, they have installed beehive fences around the field with strings of wire connected with each other.  When a raiding elephant hits a wire, the bees are disturbed, causing them to emerge from their hives and scaring off the elephants.

It may sound funny to think that the biggest land animals run away from these tiny creatures, but elephants are by nature terrified of bees.  Bee stings can cause severe pain to the elephant’s sensitive trunk.  Researchers have found out that elephants stay away from places where buzzing of bees can be heard.

This ingenious and non-violent deterrent system of Dr. King would also help local farmers raise their income by selling the harvested honey.

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