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Aliens Will Invade "Twin Days" Celebration This Weekend

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Twin Days is the world’s largest twin festival in the world and has taken place every summer in Twinsburg, Ohio. This annual celebration draws many twin not only from the Unites States but also from around the world.

The festival started in 1976 and was founded by Charles R. DeHaven. The festivity welcomes all identical, fraternal, triplets, quadruplets, young and old twins, and their families for the celebration.

Through the years, the festival has established its own traditions wherein each twin must wear an identical outfit. This year’s celebration is titled “TWINS DAYS: Twinfinity and Beyond”, which takes place from August 5-7.

All participants are requested to wear science fiction characters from the outside world. So expect Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers, Mr. Spock, aliens, robots, and many more characters from the outer space to attend the party.

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Twins Days