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Andres Amador Uses A Garden Rake To Make Large Scale Sand Art

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Andres Amador is an environmental scientist, a computer technician and an earthscape artist.

The San Francisco, California resident discovered his unique skill in making a large scale sand art when he was in Kalalau Beach on the Hawaiia island of Kaua.  He drew a geometric art on the sand using a stick and showed it to a friend.  He realized at that moment he could make large scale art on the sand.

Amador can make as large as a 100,000 sq. ft. art design on a beach, especially during low tide. He uses rope as his compass for a perfect design. He limits himself to 2 hours to polish his huge artworks due to time constraints dictated by the tide.

Amador understands that his artwork can only last for a short period of time. Once the tide comes in, his sand art is wiped away forever. To preserve his wonderful creations, he uses a quadcopter drone to capture aerial photo shots or positions himself on an elevated area and takes pictures of his work.

His opinion about his ephemeral artworks: “For me it is more about the process and less about the result. I can be a stickler for getting something the way I think I want it- which is more goal-focused. But ultimately, when it is finished, I let it go. For me the energy and draw is around the act of creation. I know this because even on days when everything goes wrong and there's no way a 'finished' piece can result (rogue waves wash away a huge section prematurely, the sand has washed away leaving only pebbles, a parade of dog walkers shows up (yes all these have happened!) I still appreciate the act of being at the beach doing the art.”

Andres Amador permitted Viral Hub 247 to use the above images.

He also have prints, cards, and calendars for sale.

For more information, please visit his website, his Facebook page Andres Amador Arts and Google+ Andres "El Magnifico" Amador.


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