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Animator Dad Turns Son Into Superhero

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This young boy possesses superpowers. He wrestles with a crocodile, battles a huge shark, scales a high skyscraper building, and even skydives wearing only a school backpack.

Amazing, right? But these scenes are all home videos created with the help of special video effects.

James Hashimoto, also known as Action Movie Kid, is now an internet superstar after his incredible movie clips have gone viral, thanks to his dad, Daniel Hashimoto, a movie special effects artist who works for DreamWorks. Daddy Daniel turns the everyday activities of James into amazing movies clips.

In a report by CBSNews, the videos of James were all captured using only smartphones during playtime and were not directed by Daniel.

In an interview by CBSNews, Daniel says "He was pretending to be Ironman and blasting up the kitchen. And I thought, it would be so fun to add some graphics to this and then show them to him so he could see what he's like being a real superhero”.

Watch the spectacular video of the Action Movie Kid below.

 video: Action Movie Kid/YouTube 

sources: CBSNewsMetro UK