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Artist Turns Dirty Cars Into Canvas For Amusing Art

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Scott Wade is an artist who lived his early years in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A son of a US Air Force officer, he developed his love for drawing at an early age. When he was in 3rd grade, his grade school principal valued his drawings so much that the principal used these as decor in his office. Scott also learned how to play the piano and drums. He was a drummer in a band when he was in 5th grade.

He moved to Texas in 1979 and continued to draw, paint, and play music in the band. In high school, he was awarded the John Philip Sousa Band Award for his drumming skills. He was a partial scholar in music in Texas State University but eventually shifted his major to develop his big passion, art. He finished his studies with a BFA in Commercial Art but still continued to play music in various local bands. He has at times worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for various clients and a musician for university theater.

One day, he discovered something odd when he tried to use a popsicle stick as a brush on a dirty car window. He liked the effect. He further developed his skills further using different kinds of brushes on dust. Scott believes he inherited this skill from his father who was an avid amateur cartoonist.

Scott began taking pictures of his dirty car arts and sent it to his friends. A picture of his work was forwarded to a local columnist which led to Scott being featured in their programs. He has appeared in many TV networks all around the world and has become viral on social media. At times called the “Da Vinci Of Dust”, the “Michaelangelo of Mud”, Scott instead prefers to be simply called “The Dirty Car Artist”. ( . To him, that is high praise for his imaginative and unique form of art.

video by OnionCreekProduction/YouTube 

Here is another video of Scott Wade.

video by OnionCreekProduction/YouTube

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Dirty Car Art