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Artist Turns Watermelon Into A Terrifying Monster

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An artist brings fruit carving into the next level when he creates an amazing watermelon sculpture. Fruit carver Valeriano Fatica from Italy turns an innocent-looking watermelon into a terrifying dragon.

As a child growing up in Oratino, Fatica used to draw and had dreams of becoming a mangaka, the Japanese word for a comic artist or cartoonist.

But when Valeriano started Art High School, his dream of becoming a comic artist was shelved as he realized that his true passion is in sculpture. He began carving fruits for buffets in his family’s restaurant after he saw his brother’s own sculptures.

This multi- talented artist describes himself a painter, sculptor, performer, carver of fruits and vegetables. In his Youtube channel, watch Valeriano masterfully turn the watermelon into a fierce dragon. 

 video: Valeriano Fatica - Fruit Carver - Ortolano Production/ YouTube