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Awesome Video of Todrick Hall Leaves Taylor Swift "Speechless"

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Todrick Hall, a semi-finalist in the ninth season of American idol, perfectly mashes-up the songs of Taylor Swift in a five-minute video.  Hall sings the lines from twenty two songs of Swift, starting with Blank Space and ending with This Love song.

The video is split into four frames and Hall is wearing a different colored shirt in each frame. Hall sings and manages to synchronize his dance moves in those frames.

Todrick Hall ends the video with a message for Taylor Swift. He said, “If Taylor Swift is watching this, I just want have to let you know that I have been a huge fan of your work for many many years and I got the opportunity to meet you at the VMAs you a took picture with me it was amazing, the most likes I ever got on Instagram and I just wanted to say it is really awesome to get to meet somebody whose so successful, but so sweet and talented and down to earth, you are amazing and I really hope you enjoyed this video”

The video was released last September 21, 2015 and Taylor Swift posted to Twitter “I honestly can't believe what I just saw,". "This amount of talent in one person has me speechless. I [love] @toddyrockstar."

Image and Video: YouTube/todrickhall