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Be Like Magneto And Impress Your Friends With Levitating Objects

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Just like the X-men villain Magneto, you too can now make objects float in mid-air.  This kind of magic isn’t the stuff of science fiction anymore.

Illusionist and Youtuber Brusspup created an amazing video using a product made by Crealev, the CLM 2 magnetic levitation module.  According to the website of Crealev, “The CLM 2 is a levitation device which consists out of 2 parts; a base module and a carrier.  The base module is the octagonal non-floating part which contains the technology.  It has an optical sensor and needs electric power.  The floating part is a magnet disc, which is called the carrier”.

Watch how you can stun your friends by making household items float like books, pillows or even a chessboard.

 video by brusspup/YouTube