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Berndnaut Smilde: The Artist Who Creates Perfect Indoor Clouds

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This artist’s sculptures only lasted in a very short period of time, long enough to take photographs before it vanishes.

He is Berndnaut Smilde, a Dutch visual artist known for his rare talent - making real rainclouds - indoors. He creates perfect miniature clouds in various indoor locations such as museum halls, cathedrals, and abandoned structures with tiled floors.

When he creates indoor clouds, one thing he considers is the condition of the surroundings, particularly the temperature and humidity. The setting should be cold and damp. Any kind of ventilation is prohibited as it may ruin the exhibition. After setting up conditions for the ideal scene, he launches a puff of fog on the air from a fog machine. The clouds are not bigger than 6 feet so it would not fall apart easily. The result is a stunning ephemeral art of miniature clouds. Before his creation vanishes, he has photographers all around to take pictures on it. He calls his series of pictures, Nimbus.
He likes to work with photographers who have knowledge in architectural photography so the sharpness of the background would come out in contrast to the softness of the clouds.

"I enjoy how they exist in a perpetual state of flux; temporary sculptures, made of almost nothing, balancing on the edge of materiality," Smilde told Huffingtonpost. "I like their ungraspable nature, which is perhaps the reason why people have projected so many different meanings on to clouds for centuries." 

 video: DW (English)/YouTube 

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