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Brave Man (Or Foolish Man?) Challenges Bear To A Water Splash Fight

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Bears are one of the most dangerous animals.  They are enormous, strong, and capable of fatally attacking humans.  Despite their fierce reputation, they are naturally shy animals.  They are easily frightened and choose usually to stay away from humans rather than attack them.

This video tells a different story.  A Turkish explorer named Cemal Gulas was on a 20-month voyage from the Bosphorus (Istanbul) to the Bering Strait as a part of a documentary show called The Asia Expedition project, when he came across with a friendly bear in a river.

Cemal, with his arms outstretched under a waterfall, calls out the bear into the water.  Translated to English, he says, ‘Come to me, son Come to me, son’ and ‘Come to me, sweetheart’.

The bear joins Cemal in the pool and the unlikely duo have a funny water splash fight before hugging each other.

There’s probably a good reason for Cemal not to fear this bear.  According to the website, Cemal rescued the bear and took care of it for about a year before releasing back to the wild.

video: JukinVideo/YouTube