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Breathtaking Time-Lapse Video Captures The Beauty Of Vienna

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Take a quick trip to the beautiful city of Vienna in less than three minutes with this amazing video.  This is a follow up episode after “A Taste of Austria” became successful and earned national and global attention.

This time lapse video features the Vienna’s majestic buildings and other attractions such as the famous statues of Archduke Albert and Archduke Charles, Burgtheater, Rathaus (their city hall), Austrian Parliament Building, St. Charles's Church, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

The video shows the many faces of the capital of Austria from sunrise to sunset, at night and during winter.  The transition of photos and the sound effects on every scene are truly captivating.

The video was produced by Peter Jablonowski and Thomas Pöcksteiner of Film Spektakel.  According to them, 87,000 photos were taken for this spectacular video and took one year to finish.