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Brussels Blooms With Gigantic Japanese-Themed Floral Carpet

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Every two years, Brussels blooms with a huge floral carpet laid on the ground of the Grand Place. As they celebrate their 20th Anniversary this year, Brussels pays tribute to the 150th year of Japanese-Belgium friendship.

The carpet features Japanese symbols such as good luck talismans, swimming Koi carps, red-crowned cranes, bamboo and pine trees, cherry blossoms, and a red disc that represents the Japanese flag. The whole decoration and design symbolizes natural beauty, strength, growth, happiness, and peace.

The huge carpet is 242 feet long by 78 feet wide with more than 600,000 begonia and dahlia flowers. Gardeners and volunteers gathered on the square and finished the giant floral puzzle in less than four hours.

Flower Carpet or Tapis de fleurs de Bruxelles started on 1971 with the initiative of landscape architect Etienne Stautemans.

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Flower Carpet
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