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Car Simulator "The Convincer" Teaches Students An Important Lesson

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Wearing a seatbelt increases the probability of escaping injuries when a car suddenly stops or is involved in an accident.  The chance of your face hitting the windshield is low since a seatbelt stops you from moving forward.

Although cars have airbags, these are useless if the driver or passengers are not wearing a seatbelt.  Shockingly, many people still do not follow this important safety measure.

Recently, the Connecticut State Police and the Department of Public Safety brought “The Convincer” and rollover car simulator to the University of Hartford campus.  Their goal was to convince students to ride “The Convincer” and experience how it looks like to be in a 5 mph car crash. More than twenty students participated on the activity.

“We’re trying to inform people who may not be aware of the benefit of seat belts and I would say that the majority of the population wears it.  We’re trying to reach out to that small number of folks who don’t wear their seat belt now and remind them of why they should and the benefit to it and this really is a great tool to show them”, Sgt. Troy Anderson told The Informer news editor Spencer Honda.

photo/video source: The Hartford Informer/YouTube 

source: The Informer