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Carrot Clarinet By Linsey Pollak

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Australian musician Linsey Pollak is known for making musical instruments out of onions, potatoes, pumpkins, watermelon and household objects.

Pollak started making and selling bamboo flutes at the age of 19.  In the last 40 years, his inventions have included the Humarimba (a large xylophone), the Saxillo (a single reed conical bore instrument inspired by the Hungarian tarogato), watering can clarinet, rubber gloves bagpipes, carrot flutes, chair flutes and broom clarinets.

He said on the video, ”A really good definition that I like of creativity is putting together of two previously unrelated things, could be object or ideas or creating something new” and he added, “the thing we forget is we tend crazy, because music is such a communal activity – but we tend to leave music in the hands of the experts, and we, all of us consume music. But you yourselves can become carrot clarinet players very easily.”

Watch the video below how this man turns a carrot into a clarinet.

YouTube/TEDx Talks 
Linsey Pollack