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Cat Shows Dog Who's The Boss

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Devon Meadows put up a CCTV in their house to monitor how often their puppy barks when he and his wife are out to work.

But what the CCTV captured was more than they expected.

The video shows, Chazz, a two-year old poodle who keeps on barking inside the house.  All of a sudden, an irate cat appear in front of him.

Greyscale, the two-year old cat, jumps on the bed, stares right at the puppy and shuts him up.  The poor dog sit-down quietly.

When Chazz starts barking again, Greyscale gives the puppy a stern look as if he is saying, “Don’t test my patience!”.

The video titled “Cat Shuts Up Dog” has already been viewed more the 3 Million since it was posted.

video: Devon Meadows/YouTube