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Chess Hustler At Washington Square Park Gets Schooled By International Grandmaster

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New Yorkers are familiar with the chess hustlers hanging around Washington Square.  They like to talk trash and play a good game of chess.

A video is going viral about an unsuspecting Washington Park chesshustler playing against International Grandmaster Maurice Ashley, who will soon be inducted U.S. Chess Hall Of Fame.

The video starts with the hustler named Wilson (wearing a cap), telling his opponent to look at the board because Ashley keeps staring at him.  As the game goes by, with both men making lightning-fast moves, Wilson notices that Ashley has been relentlessly attacking him so he tries to cheat with a ninja move by taking two Ashley’s knights with a pawn but unfortunately for him, he gets caught by Ashley.

Near the end, the trash talker realizes he will soon be check-mated, and surrenders.  Then he finds out who his opponent really is.

 video: Grandmaster Maurice Ashley/YouTube 

source: Time