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China Opens Its New Scary Glass-Floored Walkway - 4,600 Feet Above Ground

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Tourists are flocking to this national forest park in northwestern Hunan Province in China to see and walk on this newly built terrifying glass walkway attached to the side of a mountain.

Called the “Coiling Dragon Cliff” skywalk, the glass-bottomed pathway measures 300 feet long and 5 feet wide mounted around the cliff of Tianmen Mountain at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Perched 4,600 feet above the ground, the walkway has attracted thousands of visitors since it opened in August.

The vertigo-inducing skyway is a great place to take pictures of some of the most stunning views in this part of the world. It also offers a perfect aerial view of the Tianmen Tongtian Avenue also known as Avenue Toward Heaven because of its 7-mile dangerous winding road with a total of 99 sharp turns.

The park is also home of two other skyways, the “Walk of Faith” opened in 2011 and the glass skywalk on the east side opened in 2015.

 photo/video: YouTube/CCTV America 

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