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China Proves Skeptics Wrong About Their Glass-floored Suspended Bridge

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Lately, the Chinese have been passionate in building glass-floored suspended bridges over several of their beautiful mountainous national parks.

On their latest project, they built a 1,410 feet long glass-floored hanging bridge connecting two mountains above the Tianmenshan National Forest Park in Zhangjiajie. The breathtaking bridge suspends 984 feet high above ground and is said to be the highest and the longest glass-floored bridge ever built in the entire world.

As far as safety issues are concerned, the bridge is secured with three layers of thick super-strong glass that easily withstood some crazy testing of its durability.

Chinese officials invited some people to smash the glass using a sledgehammer. Wearing complete safety measures like harnesses and goggles, the volunteers fearlessly smashed the floors leaving only with some little cracks on the top layer. In addition, a two-metric ton sports utility vehicle packed with 11 passengers was driven on the glass panels. But after all those nerve-wracking tests, the bridge remained firm and strong.

The new attraction is set to open for public this month.

 video: ODN/YouTube