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Cool Wooden Toy Performs Teleportation Magic?

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A Swedish artist creates a wooden toy that performs magic using three cups and a ball.

Designed by Pell Helldorf, this wooden crank toy does the classic magic trick by showing the impression of performing the teleportation before your very eyes. The ball seems to teleport from one cup to the other cups with just a shuffle.

This wooden toy draws a lot of comments on YouTube on how the ball transfers to the other cups but they have almost the same answers. It is manipulated by magnet.

In a comment by YouTuber D.B. explains that, “Each cup has a magnet at the top that is strong enough to pull up the ball from the surface. A stronger magnet below moves along selecting different cups and pulling the ball down onto the surface at specific points. When the strong bottom magnets moves, the weaker magnet in the cup will recover the ball.”

 video: swedish handcraft/YouTube