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Dad Nails The "Nae-Nae" Dance By Videobombing His Daughters

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A father of two teenage girls from Smithville, Mississippi, USA proves to his daughters that he’s in the loop with the latest dance craze.

Cheyanne and Alyssa are filming on Silento’s dance hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” when their dad, Mike Jones secretly sneaks behind them, with his finger on his lips gesturing to his mother who is holding the camera not to spoil his hilarious surprise.

While the unsuspecting girls perform the Nae-Nae dance in front of the camera, their father also perfectly busts an impressive routine behind them. Over a minute goes by before his daughters catch him doing his own booty-shaking.

At first, the girls thought their dad ruined their video but realized soon after it would be fun to share it with their friends and family.

Jones told that his 10 and 12-year daughters record their dances all the time. “I heard them and peeked out and saw my mother recording and came in behind them. We watched it and said it would be funny to share this for friends and family, but now it’s funny for people all over the world.”

Jone’s mother Terry Delk Blaylock posted the funny video on her Facebook and it has 17 million views now.

video: P.E.D. TV/YouTube 


Terry Delk, Buzzfeed