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Disco The Parakeet Is One Smooth Talker

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Parakeets are sometimes compared to dogs with their level of intelligence but these birds can do something dogs can’t: parakeets are capable of mimicking sounds they hear.

Meet Disco the Parakeet, a male 6-year old budgie from Rochester, NY who loves to talk. According to his owner, Disco started to mimic some words and phrases at the age of 4 months. After 4 years of daily interaction with his human friends, he has learned to say more than 120 phrases.

Disco can beatbox, meow, bark, snore, and belt out a Rolling Stone’s song. “What seems to be the problem officer”, “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto", "Hasta la vista, baby bird" are other phrases he delivers with ease.

Because of his amazing talent, Disco was featured on NBC’s Today Show, Pets - Wild at Heart on BBC, and on PBS Nature.

Watch Disco below as he throws some funny lines.

 video: Disco the parakeet/YouTube