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Do Plants Feel Pain? This Experiment Gives The Answer

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Plants are living things. They are like humans and animals in many ways. They need water and air in order to live. Humans and animals are sensitive to pain because of the somatosensory system that we have. Do plants also feel pain?

In the video by Smithsonian Channel, an anesthetist conducts an experiment if plants do response to anesthetic. In her experiment, she uses Mimosa Pudica also known as the shy plant that folds its leaves when touched or shaken as a defensive mechanism against insects. When she first touches the leaves, the plant reacts and shrinks its leaves. When she touches and even cuts the leaves after giving an anesthetic, a drug that makes people numb, the sensitive plant doesn’t show any reaction at all.

In humans, ether works to stop nerves cells from transmitting signals. Plants don’t have nerves so why the anesthetic does works?

In Germany, Professor Edgar Wagner, a Botanist of University of Freiburg, also conducts an experiment to find out if plants really use electrical signaling. He attaches an electrode to the plant and connects it to a computer to record the electrical signals. The Professor then burns a leaf and amazingly, the computer shows movement. Like humans, the injured plant shows a definite electrical reaction to the flame.

Watch the unbelievable experiment below.

 video: Smithsonian Channel/YouTube 

Source: Smithsonian Channel