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Dog Trained To Go After Bad Guy Shows Soft Side

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Belgian Malinois dogs are known for keeping their owners safe from attackers. But they can also have some fun when the bad guys are not around.

The video below shows an endearing moment as a Belgian Malinois dog named Eteo and his owner, Aden, bonding together in Newburyport, MA.

Although Eteo was trained at Protection Dogs Plus to be a skilled canine in protecting his families, he also possesses a gentle and fun character.  He enjoys taking his buddy for a stroll by pushing the toddler’s little tikes car along the walkway.

According to Protection Dogs Plus video’s caption, “ ‘The Plus' means that when our trained German Shepherds & Belgian Malinois aren't busy taking out bad guys, they're ready to be kid-friendly companions.”

This video was posted by Protection Dogs Plus, LLC on YouTube.

video: Protection Dogs Plus, LLC /YouTube