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Dolphins Help Fishermen Catch Fish

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Local fishermen in the coastal town of Laguna, Brazil line up along the seashore waiting for their dolphin friends to appear on the water surface. This is the signal to the fishermen to cast their nets as the dolphins have lured the fish near to swim near the fishermen.

These dolphins help the locals catch fish by driving the schools of fish toward the shoreline where the fishermen wait and are ready to throw their nets. Amazingly, the clever animals even give a clear signal to their human friends as to when to perfectly launch their nets.

“This is the most intricate type of interaction between two completely two different species I have ever seen”, the documentarist says on the video.

The locals believe that both parties are benefiting on the unusual behavior of the animals. Every time the fishermen throw their nets, they are also pushing back the schools of fish toward the dolphins which make it easier for them to chase down their prey.

YouTube/Animal Planet