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Famous Halloween House Lights Show In California City Returns

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Come Halloween, thousands of people will visit this spectacular house lights display in Riverside, California.

Back in 2011, talented homeowner Kevin Judd transformed his house into an incredible Halloween light show, with the untiring hit of LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem blaring in the background.

The synchronized dashing lights with the perfectly-timed singing faces of jack o’ lanterns attracted thousands of people.  Because of the crowd and traffic generated by the show, the Euclid Management Homeowners Association ordered the show cancelled.

In 2014, Mr. Judd once again returned, this time with a new light display at a nearby friend’s house.  Due to noise and annoyance complaints from neighbors, the house lights show was almost banned.  But Judd had sought permission from authorities and was granted a block party permit, allowing the show to go on.

This year, all the permits needed for the famous Halloween House light show were legally obtained.  The permit allows the display only on weekend nights.

“I think we did it right this time.  We went and got permits first and talked to our councilman, Paul Davis, and made sure we crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s with everything,” Kevin Judd told CBS Los Angeles.

Below is their latest Halloween light show video with the Ghostbusters background music.

“Pyrotechnics have been added to thousands of LED lights and singing pumpkin faces synced up to hit tunes” Crystal Cruz of CBS2 said.

video: KJ92508/YouTube