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Fish Enjoys Back Rub Just Like We Do

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A pet owner filmed this wonderful interaction with his pet fish, a blood parrot cichlid. In the video posted by Roland Giroux on YouTube, he dips his hand in the tank and softly cups the fish and massages her gently. The fish swims away from Giroux’s hands but returns shortly for more massage.

According to Giroux in his YouTube channel, “The best fish we have ever owned. She actually waits for us to come home from work in the corner of the tank closest to our front door, where she can kinda see and hear us. She will aggressively start splashing the water to get immediate attention and will not stop till we put our hands in the tank”.

According to the website, Fishlore, the blood parrot cichlid is a hybrid of the male midas cichlid and the red head cichlid. It was first created in Taiwan around 1980’s. Blood parrot fish tend to be shy when first introduced to their tank. They prefer to hide when activity is present around their tank. However, they eventually adapt to their surroundings and learn to recognize their owners after some time.

Watch the video.

 video by Roland Giroux/YouTube 

 source: Fishlore