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German Football Team FC Heidenheim Attempts To Do The "Header Bin Challenge"

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The “header bin challenge” was kicked off by Chelsea players early last year when they were able to shoot the ball over a dinner table in a trash bin using their heads.

The video went viral over the internet and every soccer team around the world is now attempting this crazy stunt. The challenge is to bounce the ball to each other, using their heads, and finally shoot it in a trash bin, all without the ball touching the ground.

In the video, the German football team FC Heidenheim accepts the challenge and they look impressive. If the Chelsea team made the shot using only 6 players over a dinner table, the FC Heidenheim team tries it in their locker room with 28 players. The 27 players are all seated around the room while one player takes the job as the setter.

Can they accomplish their “goal”? How will they celebrate if they do? Find out by watching the video below.

Facebook page Sutflute posted the video and has more than 26 million views.

 video: Bundesliga /YouTube