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Guess What This Old Plane Has Been Transformed Into

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At first glance, in the hills and woods of Hillsboro, Oregon, a large plane appears to have made an emergency landing.  Upon closer look, the Boeing 727 plane is intact, and appears to have been moved to this location for a different purpose than to fly.

Yes, rather than flying around the world, this plane serves as the home of Bruce Campbell, a retired electrical engineer.

Bruce acquired the decommissioned plane from a scrap salvaging company for $220,000, which included the logistics of transporting the plane to his 10 acre-property.

From the outside, the plane appears complete, from its landing gear to its wings.  Inside the aircraft however, Bruce has removed some parts of the plane like the passenger seats to make room for his bed, kitchen, and shower.  Equipped with the amenities of a regular house allows him to feel like he lives in a regular one.

When he was young, and like many other children his age, Bruce was fascinated with airplanes.  Unlike others, Bruce went one step further and transformed a childhood passion into a home.

video: Great Big Story/YouTube