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Guy Shows Off Various Methods In Making Fire Out Of Strings, Sticks, And Stones

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This fascinating Australian man once built a tiled roof hut out of scratch in the jungle.

He’s back with a new video showing his primitive techniques on how to make fire in the wild.

First, he demonstrates how to start a fire by rubbing a stick to another stick’s hole using only his bare hands.  He is able to make fire but he suffers blisters on his hands.

He then shows two more methods without developing blisters.  He calls them a cord drill and a pump drill.

According to him, “A cord drill is basically a spindle with a fly wheel attached so it looks like a spinning top.  The middle of a piece of cord is then put into a notch at the top of the spindle.  The ends of the cord are then wrapped around the spindle and then pulled quickly outwards causing the drill to spin.” The fly wheels he uses are stone and clay which he makes it himself.

The pump drill is almost the same as the cord drill but this time, he uses a piece of wood as a crossbar, ties the cord on both ends of the crossbar and wraps the cord around the spindle.  The pump drill creates the spinning motion like the cord drill as he pumps the crossbar.

“For fire making I'd stick to fire sticks because the equipment is easier to make. But for people with soft hands they could use the cord drill as it won't give them blisters”, he wrote on the video’s caption.

 video: Primitive Technology/YouTube