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Half-car, Half-Bike. What Do We Get? A Velomobile

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Three young inventors with engineering and economics backgrounds have designed a convertible bicycle car.

Dubbed the Cabriovelo, it is a human-powered bicycle-car designed by Italian mechanical engineer David De Regimes with his teammates Fabrizio Fina and Alessandro Mino, both of whom have a degree in economics.

The Velomobile, as it is also called, is made with a removable roof and side panels, and can be used for all weather conditions. It is designed with electrical safety measures such as a horn, lights, blinkers, and electric windshield. Its 200-liter compartment space in the rear side is perfect for grocery items or any personal baggage.

The 99-pound Velomobile is a one seater vehicle but it has removable child seat in the rear side. It also comes up with an optional 250 Watts electric hub motor for pedaling assistance for uphill and long distance travel. Although it is made without a steering wheel, the vehicle is controlled with joysticks or T-bars.

According to its website, the inventors said, “We are convinced that human powered vehicles represent a healthy mean of transport as well as savings in terms of money and pollution”.

The Cabriovelo car is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

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