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Half-Motorcycle, 100% Fun

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Travel easily and cheaply around the city using this electric-powered one-wheeled motorcycle named RYNO.

Designed by Portland-based auto engineer Chris Hoffmann, the electric one-wheeled motorcycle gives you more mobility in tight areas such as narrow streets, sidewalks, and hallways, where cars or motorcycles can’t go through. RYNO is capable of carrying weights up to 260 pounds and runs at a top speed of 10 miles per hour. It travels a distance of 15 miles with just a single charge.

The RYNO vehicle was the result of the Chris Hoffmann’s daughter Lauren imagination when she asked if it is possible for him to create a one-wheeled motorcycle like what she saw on a video game.

Hoffman teamed up with Tony Ozrelic, an engineer and inventor with a keen interest on self-balancing machines, to create the RYNO motorcycle.

 photo/video by: YouTube/RYNO Motors 

source: Ryno Motors