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How To Grow A Tiny Forest Anywhere

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Industrial engineer Shubhendu Sharma was working with Toyota when he met Dr. Akira Miyawaki, a botanist expert, who became Sharma’s inspiration for making a tiny forest.  Dr. Miyawaki went to their factory to build a forest and made the factory carbon-neutral.

Sharma joined Dr. Miyawaki’s team and decided to make his own forest at the back of his house.  In a span of two years having the forest on their backyard, he observed “the groundwater didn’t dry during summers, the numbers of bird species spotted in the area doubled, quality of air became better and we started harvesting seasonal fruits growing effortlessly”.

He was so captivated with the results and he wanted to make more tiny forests with the same drive as building cars or creating software.  This led him to put up his own company called, Afforestt, a service provider to create native natural forests.

Watch the inspirational talk from Industrial Engineer Shubhendu Sharma on how you can help the world, one tiny forest at a time.

Source: YouTube/TED