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Humpback Whale Greets Tourists With A Spectacular Move

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A group of tourists went on a boat tour in the Bay Of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada for a whale watching adventure. They were hoping for a glimpse of one of the most magnificent creatures of the sea, the humpback whale.

They certainly got their money’s worth.

While the group on board were looking for any signs of whales, a gigantic humpback suddenly rockets out of the water, and treats its visitors with a spectacular backflip. Luckily, Sandy Seliga, one of the tourists, was able to film this exciting and truly memorable moment.

The video posted on YouTube by Conservation Council of New Brunswick and racked up millions of viewers. “Our deepest thanks to Sandy Seliga of Toronto for sending us this spectacular video — we hope she makes the Bay of Fundy a regular vacation destination!” the organization wrote on their website.

photo/video source: CCNB YouTube/YouTube