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Infographic: "Weird" Laws From Around The World

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For a safer and more enjoyable trip abroad, it’s good to read the laws and customs of the country you are visiting. Know what’s legal or not, or what practices are frowned upon. Make your trip an enjoyable one, free of hassles and potential penalties.

Here are some uniques laws in some countries:

Chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore. Selling e-cigarettes is not allowed in the United Arab Emirates.

In Venice, Italy they have a “pecking order”, which means you cannot feed pigeons. 

Do not wear loud footwear in Capri, Italy. Avoid singing songs with explicit lyrics in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia.

If you are going to the Philippines, you cannot drive a car on certain days depending on the number a license plate ends on. In Russia, when you rent a car, be sure to have it cleaned when you return it or else you will be fined for having a dirty car.

Have a fun (and informed) trip abroad!

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