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Ingenious Device Swallows All Floating Rubbish In The Water Including Oil

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Two Australian surfers left their jobs to focus on designing a device that can solve the ocean pollution problem.

Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski are frustrated about the tons of trash floating in the ocean. So they have developed a unique ocean-cleaning technology they have named, “Seabin”.

The concept is very simple yet very effective in cleaning the ocean. The Seabin consists of a bucket which is connected to a shore based water pump on the dock. The water pump generates a flow of water into the bin sucking all plastic bags, water plastic bottles, papers, and all floating trash. All the rubbish collected are deposited in a removable natural fiber catch bag.

The Seabin has an optional oil-separator system inside the pump. The system separates the oil and detergent from the seawater before pumping it back into the ocean.

“The marinas, ports and yacht clubs are the perfect place to start helping clean our oceans. There are no huge open ocean swells or storms inside the marinas, its a relatively controlled environment. The wind and currents are constantly moving the floating debris around in our oceans and in every port, marina or yacht club there is always some pollution heavy areas based on the predominant wind and current directions”, Andrew and Pete said in an interview by Indiegogo.

The Seabin can work 24/7 and is environment-friendly as it doesn’t cause any harm to the marine animals. “We have never caught a fish or marine animal in 4 years of testing Seabins”, they added.

 video: Seabin Project/YouTube 

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