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Interview: Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj, Still Life Advertising Photographer

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Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj is an advertising photographer who specializes in high-end still life photography.

For the project below, he created a series of beautiful, minimalist photos, deconstructing recipes for bouillabaisse, porridge, ratatouille, egg and pasta.

BouillabaissePhoto Courtesy of Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj: Just to shortly answer your questions, I am an advertising photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I live with my wife and son.  I started taking pictures fairly late, i.e. at the age of 23.  At the time I had started at college to study economics, but that way was not for me, and I moved to Copenhagen in search of an apprenticeship.  Today, 16 years later, I primarily shoot products and still life, and try to maintain a clean and minimalistic aesthetics.  My approach to work is trying to let the formal shape and qualities of an object set the creative direction, and with high technical standards I strive to create beautiful images.

EggPhoto Courtesy of Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj 

When did you discover your talent?

Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj: I can’t tell when I discovered my talent. It has been something I have been working hard to develop and I still am. I am very humble and self-critical, and always see room for improvement. It might sound like a cliché, but I always think that my best images are somewhere out there in the future.

PastaPhoto Courtesy of Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj 

What inspires you?  

Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj: To get there, I constantly seek inspiration from either other photographers or just walking the streets of Copenhagen noticing shapes and light. Inspiration can come from many places.

PorridgePhoto Courtesy of Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj 

How would you describe your art? 

Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj: The images you refer to are basically an advertising project for a Danish company called Eva Solo. The ad agency, Liquidminds, approached me as their idea fit my style perfectly. Many people have perceived them as an arts project, which I think is great. That’s the charme of photography, the fact that people perceive images differently and all get something different from looking at them.

Photo Courtesy of Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj 

Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj permitted to use the above images.

Website: Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj