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Inventor Builds Huge 360 Swing In His Backyard

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Colin Furze, a YouTuber star with over 3 million subscribers in his channel, has just created the first ever 360 swing in the United Kingdom.

The 36-year old British inventor wanted to impress his 3-year old swing-lover son Jake with his latest creation. Unfortunately for Jake, only adults (the crazy ones) are allowed to ride this swing.

The towering swing measures 18 feet above the ground, including the edge of the axle bar when in vertical position. Furze seems to ignore the safety aspect - there is no harness for security. He only designed a spinning bar with handle and 2 pegs for feet lock. He mounted a 55-pound drum of water on the other end of the bar to counterbalance the rider’s weight.

In the video below, Furze starts the crazy ride with a few back and forth swings to build momentum before taking a full 360 degrees nerve-racking spin.

 video: YouTube/colinfurze 

source: Daily Mail