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Inventor Creates Green Goblin-like Hovercraft

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Franky Zapata first gained fame as a jet ski world champion. In 2011, moving to another endeavor, he surprised the world with his Flyboard, a jet platform tethered to a personal water craft that supplies the propulsion through water and air in propelling rider up to 30 feet above the water surface.

But the French champion had a loftier dream.

Recently, the Zapata Racing founder unveiled a video of him testing his new jet-powered flying device and it looks like a gigantic improvement compared to his first Flyboard.

Dubbed as Flyboard Air, the untethered flying device is powered by jet engine propulsion which allows Zapata to fly freely. He claims the device has the power to soar up to 10,000 feet and hit a top speed of 95mph. Using the joystick that is wired on the base, Zapata controls his speed, direction, and elevation.

The Flyboard Air has enough power to maintain its elevation up to 10 minutes through its built-in batteries. It took four years for Zapata and his team to develop this prototype.

Watch the video below as Franky Zapata makes a test flight on his Flyboard Air.

 video: Flyboard® Air Test 1/YouTube 

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