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It Looks Like An Ordinary Flower But You' ll Be Surprised When An Insect Lands Close To It

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In the animal kingdom, each species has their own defense mechanism and natural strategy to deceive other animals. They do this to protect themselves against predators or trick their prey as well.

Take a look at these beautiful species of praying mantis which are great in camouflaging themselves as flowers so they can easily catch their preys. They are known as orchid mantis and walking flower mantis because they look exactly like a flower. These wonderful mantis are usually seen in the rainforests of Southeast Asia.

According to the website Keeping Insects, the orchid mantis’s color are often mixed white and pink but some are totally white or totally pink. Amazingly, they have the ability to adapt to the colors of their environment depending on the humidity and light conditions of the surroundings.

Watch the magnificent and deceiving torched mantis in the video below.

 video: Fruchtpudding/YouTube 

sources: Keepinginsects.comWikipedia