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Japanese Company Designs Floating Bonsai Trees

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Bonsai is a traditional art in cultivating miniature trees in a shallow pot in Japan. This indigenous art was brought in Japan thousands year ago from China without any adaption.

But today, a Japanese company is taking the bonsai art to the next level and called it as “Air Bonsai”. It is an invention in which, the common miniature trees are taken off the ground about an inch above their pots and rotate while on mid-air just like magic.

The project was designed by a company named Hoshinchu. The design is composed of two main elements, the “energy base” and the floating bonsai which is known as the “little star”. The concept appears like an optical illusion but this is through magnet that is installed in the porcelain energy base. The rotating mechanism runs by an AC Adaptor which makes the levitated bonsai rotates.

Hoshinchu is trying to raise funds with the help of Kickstarter but fortunately, they already have $400,000 surpassing their $80,000 goal. The company will start shipping the Air Bonsai in August but the miniature tree will not be included on the package since they are not allowed to export plants. However, they will be teaming up with plants growers around the world to complete the Air Bonsai kit.

 video: Viral Coo/YouTube 

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