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Japan's Most Patient Man Takes His Giant Tortoise For A Slow Stroll

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A very patient 62 year-old man regularly takes his giant pet tortoise for a walk. Recently, they have become a trending topic on the internet. Metani Hisao, a funeral director, bought his pet from a pet shop in Tokyo, Japan. It was then just a five centimeters baby tortoise. His pre-historic pet named Bon-chan has grown into a giant after 19 years.

Bon-chan measures 2 feet and 5 inches in diameter. According to Hisao, he treats Bon-chan as his child since he doesn’t have children. Hisao takes an hour and half walk with Bon-chan at least three times a week. What’s remarkable is if Bon-chan is in a good mood, he lets the local children ride on his back. Having this 154 lb. pet in your house requires dedication and patience. Luckily, Bon-chan found a good owner in Hisao. The two were already local celebrities in Japan before they became viral on the internet.

photo/video source: BarCroft TV | Youtube