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Leopard Forgets She's A Hunter When She Sees New Born Prey

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Leopards are one of the most dangerous predators in the world. They are known for their speed, agility, and technique in hunting down their prey.

In a documentary by the National Geographic called ‘Eye Of The Leopard’, a young leopard named Legadema has just made her first kill, an adult baboon. Shortly after, she discovers a day old baby clinging on her prey’s lap. Dereck Joubert, the cameraman who films the touching moment, expects the baby baboon to be the leopard’s next meal but what happens next surprises Joubert.

It appears that the ferocious animal’s maternal instinct takes over as she decides to cuddle the new born baboon and carries it to a safe place.

“Legadema pauses for a moment, apparently not knowing what to do. Then she gently picks up the baby baboon with her mouth, holding it by the scruff of its neck and carrying the infant up a tree to keep it safe." Joubert told Daily Mail.

"Legadema was like a cat looking after her own kitten, rather than predator and prey. She was part inquisitive cub, part mother -and forgot momentarily that she was a hunter. It was quite extraordinary and very moving to watch", he added.

Sadly, in the morning before the sun comes out, they found out the baby baboon is no longer breathing. "We think it was simply too small to survive the night without its natural mother and the sustenance she could provide," Joubert said.

Though the baby baboon did not survive, it only shows that even the most feared animals in the wild can also have soft hearts.

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